A company with traditions

GRAWIPOL Printing Works exists on the market and in the minds of customers for over a quarter of a century. The company founded by Grażyna and Witold Zblewscy in 1990, focused on dynamic development, keeping the family character. The combination of tradition and modern technologies, experience and youthful energy has become the key to achieving the position of one of the leading companies in the industry.

Development – milestones

At the beginning of the 21st century, in 1998, we adopted the status of a sheltered workshop. It brought the need for new investments to make the plant a friendly and adapted place for the needs of disabled employees. Modernization of the work environment and investments in the machine park not only facilitated the work of disabled people, but also set the direction for development. The following years were spent on work on standards and job technologies, which resulted in, among others, introduction of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 in 2002, on which we base our pro-quality activities in the company to this day. The next milestone was the implementation in 2005-2006 of a modern production system, based on the latest achievements in the field of information technology. A new printing machine appeared, and we also made a number of investments in the preparation room. We introduced the CtP exposure system for full integration of the production process. The effects of these changes are world-class services and the significant shortening of deadlines for orders.

Investments in development have become the starting point for achieving the position and recognition in the printing industry. We have also been noticed abroad, as evidenced by the title:

“Sappi European Printers of the Year”

GRAWIPOL is more than just a printing house; it is an example that tradition and modernity can effectively co-exist on the path to development.

Modern and comprehensive

Currently, GRAWIPOL has 2,200 sq m of production space, dedicated employees and a modern machinery park. Thanks to thriving development and investments, we are counted among the most modern printing plants. The range of our services includes implementation of graphic designs, computer graphics processing, electronic assembly and printing in B1 format. We also provide bookbinding services, which means that the entire production process from the design stage to the final product takes place at our headquarters in Słupsk. Flexibility and constant contact with the customer is a guarantee that each client will be treated individually, and his project implemented comprehensively and in accordance with the needs.

We have our own graphic studio where a young, dynamic team works on projects from the moment the order is accepted to the final product.
The implemented projects include:

albums, books, folders, catalogs, folders, posters, leaflets, labels, office printing.

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